In 2015 KPAS was successful in lobbying on behalf of Wisconsin families in need, by persuading the Joint Committee on Finance to unanimously vote 16-0 in authorizing $2.5 million for the Wisconsin Fund. This effort was spearheaded by KPAS with the assistance of other like-minded organizations to ensure the Wisconsin Fund continues to serve families in need. Through the effort of KPAS and others, the Wisconsin Fund has been able to assist over 15,000 Wisconsin families since 2000.

In February 2009, the Wisconsin biennial budget, as introduced, contained language to establish fees per animal slaughtered for commercial sale and consumption. Along with other agricultural coalition activists, Klaetsch Public Affairs Strategies, LLC led the Joint Finance Committee lobbying effort to eliminate the targeted slaughter tax. On May 26, 2009 the Joint Finance Committee eliminated the fee imposed on slaughter facilities.