During the 2016-17 budget debate, Klaetsch Public Affairs Strategies (KPAS) led a coalition effort of suppliers, retailers, consumers and right-leaning advocacy groups to eliminate a measure that was destined for last-minute inclusion in the final budget package. George Klaetsch and his team led the coalition to ensure small, medium and large (international) distilled spirits producers would be able to maintain their brand ownership and guarantee their right to contract with powerful wine and liquor wholesalers. This victory also allowed Wisconsin consumers to enjoy their favorite drink without the looming threat of dramatic price increases.

In 2008, legislation was proposed that would jeopardize Wisconsin consumers’ choices. The proposed legislation would have significantly limited all Wisconsinites’ ability to access credit. Klaetsch Public Affairs Strategies, LLC represented more than 15,000 concerned Wisconsin citizens and successfully protected their personal and financial choices.