Grassroots Advocacy


Lobbying alone, while important, cannot win all of our clients’ battles. Traditional lobbying alone is not enough to overcome a perception of serious and focused public support or opposition. Public officials are responsible to a variety of constituencies and to the public opinions of these groups.


As lobbyists, we know what type of support is necessary for a successful campaign. We are able to anticipate the reactions and the needs of key decision makers. We build media and grassroot support structures to reinforce your messages and make them more influential. We mobilize constituents to add weight to arguments and achieve goals.

Lobbyists receive the support of a vast amount of grassroots contacts and connections. Providing additional support and advocacy to a client’s causes are central to the business process here at Klaetsch Public Affairs Strategies, LLC.

Successful environmental conditioning persuades decision makers to see the validity of your position and provides a safe place to land on the issues by demonstrating the level of public support for your position.


Coalitions are organized groups of people who work together toward a united cause. When a coalition is well-managed and its actions directed at public figures, it provides an impactful presence on critical issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

We work with you to identify key factions that will broaden your reach across a targeted focus area. KPAS assists in revitalizing and maintaining existing coalitions through our management services. In case you are interested in a focus area where a coalition for your viewpoint does not exist, we will help you to create and manage one. Coalitions do not appear out of nowhere as they are the product of hard work and targeted efforts. They play a vital role in advocacy efforts; their presence gains attention and their impact is unmatched by other calls to action.

We currently maintain several coalitions, including the Wisconsin Coalition for Consumer Choice, which is comprised of over 15,000 Wisconsin citizens.


Grassroots movements are successful because of the people doing the organizing. KPAS identifies those people who hold great influence in their communities and recruits them for your cause. Those opinion leaders are then given an overview of the cause and the ways in which they can positively affect change in their communities by mobilizing community members. Together, our approach and its subsequent effectiveness are beyond compare.

Our lobbying efforts and the grassroots movements we organize combined have a successful impact on the issues that matter to you. As those combined efforts develop and change, you will be in the optimal position of control. We take the responsibility of targeting key leaders, monitoring the reach of our efforts, and ensuring that your message is always received in the best possible way.